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You want to buy a new house?


We will guide you professionally during the purchase process.

As a purchase counselor we will guide and advise you in buying a house which is for sale by another broker. During the entire purchase process - from the "match" with your future home to the legal completion - you would like full assurance. After the purchase of your house, you also want a guarantee that everything is 100 % ok. After the purchase you should not be faced with unpleasant legal, architectural and financial "surprises ". Besides that you also want to be sure that you have paid a very competitive price

Not only legal and construction aspects but also emotions play an important role. Purchasing a house is specialized and time-consuming, a project in itself with all the risks which should kept to a minimum. This requires expert guidance.



The method




Our method consists of a project-based approach. We will inform, support and advise you completely, from the first visit to the transfer to the notary regularly, both written and verbal. During the buying process we offer continuity and are your contact.

Our method is divided into about 4 phases:

  • Search

  • Investigate

  • Negotiate

  • Conclude



Phase 1: Search



We advise you about how to select the appropriate home based on the wishes and requirements that you describe or that we formulate together.

We prepare you for the visits to potential homes and - from that point on - we take the communication between you and the seller or the sales realtor upon ourselves.

1a. Advice on selection of properties based on your wishes and requirements including:

  • Type house, area, number of rooms, layout, finishing.

  • Location and surroundings, neighborhood amenities.

  • Budget.

  • Terms and conditions for example handover date and obtaining a mortgage.

1b. Guidance on the viewings of the properties.

We arrange appointment with the seller or selling agent and guide you with a tour around the properties. .

During the visit, we will give an explanation of all kinds of structural and legal details. .



Phase 2: Investigation



As a buyer you have a legal obligation to survey the property. That is why we always carry out an engineering inspection and perhaps a survey. We advise you about the structural condition of the house.

We obtain a certified appraisal report; we verify legal public & private aspects and the market value of the property. We save you lots of time and reduce your risks.

2a Investigation activities related to the statutory research duty of a buyer.

2b Opinion on the structural condition, including cost recovery and direct costs over time..

2c Perform a technical inspection and optionally apply for and interpret of a certified architectural report.

2d Opinion on legal and government imposed rights and obligations.

2e Perform a legal review and optionally apply for and interpret of a certified appraisal report.



Phase 3: Negotiation



When it comes to negotiations, you can rest assured that we have keen experience; free of emotional restraints and based on professionalism and independence. We take negotiations to where others tend to push the brakes!

We are capable of always getting you the lowest possible price for buying your new home. The cost of our services is covered by what you save.




Phase 4: Conclude



In the final phase we assess and verify the purchase contract, the mortgage (if there is one) and the deed of transfer of title. In selecting your notary public, we advise you to check various quotes.

We guide you through the delivery inspection of your new home and afterwards we accompany you to the notary public for the actual transfer of your new home.

4a. Assessment and advice Purchase Deed.

4b. Optionally advice on financing i.e. mortgage and check of the Mortgage Deed.

4c. Advice notary choice and check of the Deed of Transfer.

4d. Perform the final delivery inspection and guidance of client by the notary.


Klok Real Estate – Purchase counseling: 100% in your interest!




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