Klok Real Estate - Renting Out - Complete Services

You wishes to rent out your house?

  • In anticipation of a good buyer?

  • At an attractive return?

  • Because you are going abroad?


we ensure for an appropriate candidate.

As an owner, you want to be sure that your property will be rented out in a professional manner and at excellent conditions to a reliable tenant. We work with major international companies in Amsterdam and surroundings.

We provide the following services:

  • 1. Advice and presentation of your dwelling

    During our first meeting, we will discuss your requirements and the aspects which play a role in the letting of your dwelling. After having analyzed what is currently on the market for rent and the price of properties that have been rented for the past three months, the location and the square footage of your house, we advise a maximum rent per month and a minimum rent of per month, excluding utilities costs. Setting rents to loo or to high can be catastrophic for your property to find the right tenant.

  • 2. Presentation

    We pay close attention to the presentation of your house by creating a detailed and nice description in Dutch, English and French and by taking professional photos. This plays a significant role. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your house will be placed for free on:

    Vereniging voor Makelaars & Taxateurs

    This means that your dwelling will be seen by a maximum number of potential tenants. In addition to that we regularly send a list of our rental offering to international companies.

  • 3. Selection of the right candidate tenant and visit

    We guide the candidates on visits. Once we have received a serious proposal and the candidate tenant meets your required profile, we will contact you.

  • 4. Drafting a temporary lease contract

    After an agreement between you and the tenant is reached, we will create a clear and temporary lease contract written in Dutch and a reading copy in English as well. This contract will be signed by you and the tenant. Whenever the first month’s rent and deposit are paid, the tenant will move into the dwelling.

  • 5. Check-in and Check-out Services

    We will conduct a proper check-in with the tenant. You and the tenant will sign off the inspection report and the inventory list, which matches the items present. At the end of the rental period there will be also a thorough inspection. The tenant will leave the dwelling in the original condition as described in the inventory and in the inspection report. Based on this inspection, the deposit will be paid back to the tenant.

  • 6. Management

    Whenever you prefer not spending time by collecting the rent, doing the administration and handling the technical and / or maintenance problems, we can arrange a professional property management. The service includes a technical, administrative and financial management.

  • 7. Technical management:

    • Technical complaints care.

    • Responsibility for repairs to an agreed limit.

    • Maintenance support of your property.

    • Check-out administration and when necessary replacement of items on the inventory.


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