Klok Real Estate - Sales Support - Partial Services

You wish to sell your property?


we are more then happy to assist you in these.

Since this is not your daily job, you need a reliable advice. You also want to know what your home is worth, you should pay attention to the sale and must keep attention to the legal aspects.

You can get complete services or use our partial services . If you want to perform the viewings yourselves or does have a professional foto shoot then we are happy to provide a partial service. The fee for each partial service will be agreed in advance, so no surprises.

These partial services can be used individually or in combination. You can think of:

  • 1. Property Record and Value Determination.

  • 2. Creating the Foto Shoot and optionally Floorplans.

  • 3. Perform viewings.

  • 4. Perform negotiations.

  • 5. Legal settlement: Sale and Deed

If you still wish more guidance, then you can get easily take our complete services.


Klok Real Estate – Sales support: a matter of difference!


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