Klok Real Estate - Advice Interior Design when renting out

You wish to rent out your house furnished
we recommend to furnish your home as follow:

The atmosphere of a house largely determines the rentability of a house. Floors and walls merely determine this atmosphere. Choose the floor in a good quality. Tenants prefer not to have a carpet. Carpet is experienced as unsanitary. The walls form the background for the rest of the interior. Make sure the room does not get too dark and take this into account when choosing the furniture.

Open spaces may be deliberately created when furnishing a living room. When you stuff the living room, the room will appear smaller. In addition, ensure that the interior is neutral and modern. This appeals to a wider audience. The tenant can thus give a personal touch to your home and feel at home faster.

Mood lighting also plays an important role in the design. In addition, mood lighting is easy to add and relatively inexpensive.

Tenants expect an interior with modern facilities and of a certain quality. This will in turn have an impact for the prospective tenant who will treat your belongings with respect. The house must also have a complete crockery set, bed linen, equipment such as oven, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and television.

If you are unsure about the interior of your furnished home, you can always contact us. Since you can calculate the costs of the furnishings in the permitted rental price, you must keep a good record of the payment documents of the total investment in the furniture. The lease law stipulates that the furnishing costs will be depreciated over a period of 60 months. One last tip: make sure the house is spotless and tidy during the viewing.

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