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A validated valuation report is mandatory when applying for or adjusting a mortgage. With a validated appraisal report, it is checked whether the appraiser and the appraisal report meet the strict quality requirements. Appraising a home is a profession in itself. It requires knowledge and experience of the local and regional housing market. We know the market through and through. Based on a thorough construction and legal inspection of the house, combined with recent sales transactions of comparable houses and a good calculation method, we arrive at an accurate determination of the market value and we provide a validated valuation report. Determining the market value is custom work. The market value deviates from the WOZ value, which is composed of an arithmetic model, from an earlier period. We are qualified and certified by SCVM and NRVT and affiliated with VBO and the NWWI. We periodically undergo education. In this way, the quality is guaranteed and the knowledge is up to date.


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