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You are looking for a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

then ...

we have the right property for you.

Nothing is more important then having a comfortable house in which you are feeling completely home and relaxed. Finding that house is another question. Klok Real Estate will save you a lot of time and energy regarding this difficult search. We are a VBO certified realtor with many years of experience, and specialized in expat housing.

Choosing for us means: we make it our responsibility to find your home which meets all your wishes and requests.

What does this involve?

First we will evaluate in an informal meeting how we can serve you. After we have learned more about your wishes and what you are looking for, we can start up the process. We work on a No Cure No Pay basis and the fee will be one month rent excl. VAT. Once started the process, we will follow a three-steps model:

1. Selection & Viewing

  • We created a sustainable network of colleague real estate agents and therefore we can make a good selection of suitable accommodations for you.

  • In this selection we adapt all your wishes regarding, number of rooms, square meters, location, furnished/not furnished, rental period and all other conditions.

  • We can advise you which neighbourhoods corresponds excellent with your requests, like (international) schools; parking facilities; day care; public transport.

  • In accordance with this selection we will schedule viewings for you, which we will attend as well.

  • During these viewings we inspect the accommodation thoroughly.

  • Once you are interested we negotiate the best possible price; rental period; deposits; service facilities and all other additional conditions.

2. Contractual Phase

  • We will inspect the presented contract on all legal conditions and adjust it to your requests where needed.

3. Check-in and Check-out

  • We take care of the entire check-in process, and you just have to focus on your movement. This means we will make pictures from every detail of the house and checking for irregularities. We will register all these findings in an inspection report, before moving in. This report will ensure in avoiding unpleasant surprises.

  • Our facility service department can assist you with all questions and applications for e.g. G/W/E; internet and cable TV.

  • When confronted with technical problems, the owner will be directly informed in order to repair it as soon as possible

  • Once moving out, we will repeat the total inspection process again.


If you are looking for a suitable property but not knowing where to start Klok Real Estate is happy to assist you !




Certified Real Estate Agent and Appraiser. No: T0001326
License Real Estate Broker City Amsterdam No: HW 92530